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Meet Christine Watts

Natural Health Specialist

I have always been dedicated to helping someone in need. Over the decades, I have been adventurous, helping strangers, neighbors and family feel better.  I have explored many ways to live, and strived to always make a conscious effort for the environment in which we live, and with the family and friends that are entrusted with..

I found peace and a place in the Holistic World, by becoming a Master Herbalist, a Yoni Hydro-Therapist & Educator, a CBD Educator and  a Formulator Specialist.  A Clinical Practitioner and have obtained my Ph.D. In Medical Phytotherapy.  Phytotherapy is the (treatment by use of plants)   I believe in treating the whole person, and not by symptomatic. Treating plants is economical as well as it is in our very essence to be treated wholesomely and naturally.

herbs and spices

Your Health Starts Here

Practical Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

It can help with

Herbs and Minerals

Illness - Colds, Flu's

 Treating any illness holistically is the not just the best way. The environment we live provides everything that we need to combat our specific illnesses.


Fatigue has many contributing factors.  From not enough sleep to a hormone imbalance. Treating holistically can help improve vitality and peace of mind.

Medical Herbs & their Herbal Constituents

There are so many herbs, that can help benefit and heal our Bodies, from powerful antioxidants to pain relieving  analgesics.

Roses Transparent

Women's Health

Being  a women, we have very unique healthcare concerns and conditions. Treating these concerns holistically can be beneficial and satisfying to ones peace and  mindfulness.

Men's Health

Men's Health  is unique since they have different set of conditions and concerns.  Treating men holistically for their wellbeing is vital.


Treating Stress holistically is so important, since stress plays havoc on our bodies.


" Your soaps are soft, silky, great for sensitives skin type's, they leave my skin feeling Amazing"
" Your Immune support products , make me feel  energized and refreshed.



Your Health Starts Here

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